Do you want to do good? Do you want to indulge your passion for taekwondo? And do you want to help refugee children? If your answer is “yes,” then take the THF Challenge!


The THF Challenge is a fund-raising campaign run by the THF. The first challenge was launched by THF President Dr. Choue at the opening ceremony of the WT World Taekwondo Junior Championships in Burnaby, Canada, in November 2016. The challenge is based on a core taekwondo practice: breaking boards.


THF Challenge launch


How do you, your friends or your dojang take part? It’s easy! All you need is a board (or boards) to break; a video camera or smartphone to film the break(s); an Internet connection to upload your clip; and some money to donate to the THF. (How much you donate is entirely up to you: Whether you give one dollar or 1,000 dollars, every little bit helps.) Then:

  • Start filming;
  • Break a board(s);
  • Pledge a donation;
  • Challenge another person/party to take the challenge;
  • Post your video clip on Facebook, and tag THF (
  • Donate to the THF via PayPal or bank-to-bank transfer (details at the bottom of the page)


The THF supports a taekwondo academy at the Azraq Camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan. There, some 60 Syrian refugee children practice taekwondo under the guidance of two instructors. Further academies are planned for refugee camps in Colombia, Ethiopia and Rwanda. The THF also supports displaced persons in earthquake-struck Nepal, and elite refugee taekwondo athletes.

Please ensure you have had the correct training, or are under the supervision of a qualified taekwondo coach, before taking the THF Challenge. The THF cannot be held liable for any injury that occurs to those taking the challenge.