THF Partners with Daedo International to Help Disadvantaged Communities

We are proud to announce that THF and Daedo International have officialised an agreement to partner in development efforts, using taekwondo to help disadvantaged communities. On February 01, both organisations signed a memorandum of understanding, with an objective of [...]

Azraq students perform in special demonstration ceremony

On Tuesday January 23rd, 2018, a special ceremony was held at THF’s Azraq academy on the occasion of CARE International’s 70th anniversary celebrations, the NGO that lets THF use its facility as training space in Azraq refugee camp. The [...]

Meet Asif Sabah, THF Azraq Academy’s local coach

Asif Sabah was born in Zaraq, Jordan, in 1969. The Jordanian native took up Taekwondo at the age of 19 and started teaching the martial art in 2002. Asif is also a trained taekwondo first level referee and possesses [...]

Kiziba Taekwondo Academy concludes third trimester of activity

Since its launch in April 2017, THF’s Kiziba Taekwondo Academy has continued to increase its impact on the lives of the many young Congolese refugees who take part in training sessions every week. Noteworthy recent events include a belt [...]

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