Lockdown in Azraq camp

In this difficult period, our taekwondo refugees athletes from Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation are organizing their lockdown’s life.

Here is a short report of our beloved families in Azraq camp.

The Sulaiman family, Rayan, Mohamed and Zeinab 

  They utilize their time in group training and enjoy it.

 Wael Al-Farraj

  Is Trying hard to maintain his fitness level and is still looking forward to the Olympics despite all the circumstances. 

 Abu Othman Family

Othman and Reza also find the pleasure to be taught how to paint with their father, who is an Artist and has painted the THF slogan with the request from his kids. 

Families in the camp know it seems that is no end insight right now, but they are keeping hope. They stay positive and start preparing for their future now. They don’t wait!

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