Fundraising efforts in Hurghada African Para TKD Open collects $5000 USD for THF

LAUSANNE (Feb 25, 2019) – THF heads into 2019 in the right direction with THF representation at the African Para Taekwondo Open on the 20th of February in Hurghada, Egypt with successful promotion and fundraising activities.

World Taekwondo Vice-President, General Ahmed Fouly and THF MENA Coordinator Farah Al Asa’ad

The support agreement for the refugee rights project of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) and Al Shabah Company from Egypt was generously signed and presented by Mr. Mohamed Adel Hosni, in the presence of Ms. Farah Al Asa’ad, the MENA Coordinator of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation.

THF kindly received $5000 USD in donations from the generosity of Mr. Hosni. This donation will allow THF to strengthen and maintain its ongoing projects and future projects in refugee camps worldwide.

Presentation of Mr. Hosni’s generous donation.

Each party present at the event, stressed the ability that sport can have as a platform for the development of society, and the social responsibility that we have to support refugees and internally displaced individuals to align the values of olympism and good global citizenship.

Ms. Farah Al Asa’ad also presented Mr. Hosni and General Ahmed Fouly, head of the African Union of Taekwondo and Vice-President of World Taekwondo, the story of Wael Al Farraj, Black Belt THF participant at Azraq Refugee Camp and TKD Academy, who has the dream of being selected as part of the refugee team participating in Taekwondo at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with the possibility of sponsorship under the auspices of the African Union of Taekwondo.

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