The Grass is greener at Azraq TKD Academy

AZRAQ, Jordan (Dec. 1, 2018) — The sand and rocks inside of Azraq TKD Academy facilities have waved goodbye and have been replaced by a fully sized artificial grass turf. The artificial grass was gifted by THF’s supporter Shandong Taishan Sports Equipment Co., Ltd along with taekwondo mats for THF’s newly built Taekwondo academy inaugurated at the beginning of April 2018.

The taekwondo mats have been in use ever since the academy’s new facility opening, which has been welcoming an average of 200 participants on a weekly basis.





This week, the installation of the artificial grass was finalised within the perimeter of the academy’s land in Azraq Camp with the help of THF friend Mr. Richard Barnor and his expertise.





Thanks to this artificial grass, the THF will be able to expand its activities for refugee children and youth in Azraq, hopes of additional sport organizations joining THF and World Taekwondo in offering sports activities at THF’s facility.

In the past months, THF begun cooperation with United World Wrestling (UWW), and the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The bigger objective is to align with international sports federations having similar humanitarian vision and eventually facilitate the growth of THF academy as a multi-sports facility.

The benefit of having sport activities in refugee camps, is to help participants regain mental and physical well-being, notably through enjoyment, self-improvement and respect for others. It is no secret that sports help to create a sense of community, foster friendships, and facilitate. It allows children and youth to gain capacities, develop dedication, and a sense of achievement for their perseverance, while also feeling like they are living a “more” normal life despite living in a refugee camp.

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