“Everyone can do something at their own level!”

MELBOURNE, Australia (July 18, 2018) – A local taekwondo school in Melbourne, Australia, organised a small yet very successful fundraising event in support of THF. Under the leadership of the school’s director, Ms. Linda Pace, parents, friends and students of White Studio Taekwondo school raised more than 2’000 AUD to the benefits of the Foundation’s activities.

An active supporter of World Taekwondo’s humanitarian activities, Ms. Pace stated after the fundraiser that she was “proud of my sport for actually doing something!” She added that seeing the pictures of the refugee children from Azraq camp in Jordan, participating in the Open Tournament of El Hassan and winning medals, made her really happy. “As a mother, I am just hoping this project will continue”, she added.

With less than 20 students overall, the White Studio Taekwondo’s fundraiser is proof that everyone can do something at their own level. In fact, it is this kind of grassroots support that will be the key to help THF grow bigger and bigger in its reach within the global taekwondo family.


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