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In Jordan’s Azraq refugee camp, sisters Rayan and Zeinab are among dozens of Syrian children taking Taekwondo classes thanks to a project launched last year by the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation, together with World Taekwondo and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Learning the martial art teaches them self-defence and builds long-lasting self-confidence.

Help us help Rayan and Zeinab, and the many other children who suffered similar fate and who are now living in refugee camps around the world. With your help we could reach so many more, introducing them to the sport and philosophy of taekwondo!


 THF is in the field supporting refugees around the world,
but we need your help to continue our work.


THF offers sustainable long-term programs, no quick-fixes. Right now, THF is needing funds for the Jordan and Rwanda projects.

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