Meet Abed Al-Karim, Third Black Belt at THF’s Azraq Academy

AMMAN, Jordan (Nov. 26, 2018) —17-year-old Abed Al Karim Ehsan Khalil obtained his 1st Dan black belt on November 24th. Through his accomplishments, THF celebrates the third black belt at Azraq Taekwondo Academy after participants Wael Al Farraj in December 2017, and Yayha Al-Ghoutani earlier this year in October.





He was accompanied by Azraq Academy and THF Coach Asef Sabah and passed his test at the Rashed Bin El-Hassan venue in Amman.





Abed has been participating in the Taekwondo Academy since the beginning of THF’s program.

He told us “I was talking with a friend about Taekwondo based on a Korean show that we watched earlier in the camp. After a while Taekwondo classes were held in the camp through the WT and CARE Organization, my friend Wael and I, were on of the first people who registered.





He also states “Taekwondo has influenced me positively especially with my time management skills, also Taekwondo always makes me feel better and enriched my sport spirit and morals.

Just like many of his friends and participants, he is not afraid to dream big declaring that his ambition is to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games; and that “I will do my best and train hard, so I can achieve my dream.”



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