THF student wins gold at international taekwondo tournament

AMMAN, Jordan (July 8, 2018) –  H.H. Prince Rashid bin Hassan, President of the Jordan Taekwondo Federation closed the El Hassan Cup International G1, a World Taekwondo officially ranked competition, in which a refugee team from THF Azraq Academy in Jordan participated (read also here). More than 1’200 players from 30 countries competed in the tournament which took place in Amman from July 5-8, 2018.


THF local coordinator Ms. Farah Al Assaad with the full team of Azraq Taekwondo Academy students participating in El Hassan Tournament


In whole, nine students, including two girls, from THF’s Azraq Taekwondo Academy took part in the competition. THF’s team did extremely well, with 5 students, more than half of the total who competed, winning medals including 1 gold, 1 silver and three bronze. Below are the names of these victorious students:

–              Yehya Al Ghotani (Gold medal)

–              Asamaa Al Salman (Silver medal)

–              Mohammad Sbaih (Bronze medal)

–              Abed Al Kareem Al Khalil (Bronze medal)

–              Ahmad Al Salman (Bronze medal)


Olympic Gold Jordan medallist Ahmad Abughaush celebrating the achievement of the young taekwondo players from Azraq


Azraq Taekwondo Academy coach Mr. Asif Sabbah started preparing the selected students for their participation in this tournament already two months before with special trainings in taekwondo match fights and mental preparation.

Gaining attention from several Jordanian media (read here and here), there is much to celebrate for these young athletes who became part of the first ever entire refugee team participating in a G1 taekwondo tournament worldwide. Their participation in this competition will remain an unforgettable experience for them while giving them further inspiration to continue working on their taekwondo journey. These youngsters had never competed in such a prestigious taekwondo event before. Read more about the THF Azraq Academy project here.


THF Azraq team posing in their official training suits in front of Ayass Hotel

The participation of these nine refugee athletes in El Hassan tournament would not have been possible without the generous contribution from Mr. Mazen Ayass who hosted THF’s team in his hotel, the Ayass Hotel, during their 5-nights stay in Amman for the competition, nor without the full support of the Jordan Taekwondo Federation.

Pictures from the event can be found below:

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