THF promotion is taken over by global taekwondo family

LAUSANNE (May 7, 2018) – 2018 seems to be the year where the promotion of taekwondo’s global humanitarian reach has become a team effort. Since the beginning of the year, several National Taekwondo Federations and Continental Taekwondo Unions stepped in to encourage support and promotion of the Foundation’s activities in major taekwondo tournaments.

The 2018 Texas State Taekwondo Championships took place at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Houston on March 16-17, 2018. As a qualifying tournament for this year’s National Championships, over a thousand athletes took part, making it a great opportunity to spread the message about THF’s activities. At the end of the competition, Grandmaster Inseon Kim , World Taekwondo Council Member and President of the Texas State Taekwondo Association, along with executive members of the Texas State Taekwondo Association, generously donated a check of 10’000 USD for THF operations.

Shortly afterwards, it was the turn of World Taekwondo Africa to organize similar fundraising and promotion activities during the 2018 Africa Senior Championships which took place in Agadir, Morocco at the end of April 2018. After the competition, General Ahmed Fouly, President of Africa’s Taekwondo Continental Union and also World Taekwondo Council Member, presented THF with a donation of 5’000 USD.

In the summer of 2017, THF launched a major sensitization campaign to encourage support and promotion of the Foundation worldwide by all members of the global taekwondo family. World Taekwondo Member National Associations and Continental Unions were presented with a Humanitarian Charter and an activation plan of how to implement the Charter within their network.

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