Azraq students perform in special demonstration ceremony

On Tuesday January 23rd, 2018, a special ceremony was held at THF’s Azraq academy on the occasion of CARE International’s 70th anniversary celebrations, the NGO that lets THF use its facility as training space in Azraq refugee camp. The ceremony served as an honorary ritual for students at the academy, where they were awarded for their various accomplishments during their time at the academy.

Many special guests were invited to attend such as representatives from Care and UNHCR, the governor of Al Azraq city, the Azraq camp director and of course students and their families. During the event, THF students performed taekwondo demonstrations orchestrated by the academy’s coach, Asif Sabah. The coach and his students also had the chance to give speeches, describing their different experiences at the academy.

THF is very thankful towards CARE International for having organised such a great ceremony! These types of events are meaningful for all the people involved in such projects. They especially serve as invaluable experiences for students, differing from the usual training sessions. Photos from the ceremony can be found bellow:


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