Meet Wael, THF Azraq Academy’s first black belt student

Wael Fawaz Al-Farraj was born in August 2002 in Syria, and currently lives in Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. Now 15 years old, Wael has been practicing taekwondo since THF Azraq Academy first classes in the camp in April 2016, at age 13. A year and a half later, he has become one of THF’s most accomplished students.

Wael said that he has been strongly impacted by taekwondo and has become passionate about the martial art. He is extremely determined and practices every day, during the organized training sessions as well as on his own. Due to his natural ability and motivation, the young boy has developed strong bonds with both instructors teaching at the academy, coach Asef and coach Yoo, who are very enthusiastic about his progress.

On November 30, 2017, Wael took part in a taekwondo belt test with many other taekwondo students in Jordan. Of all the other students testing for the black belt that day, he finished first. Wael successfully obtained his black belt in taekwondo, becoming THF’s very first student to achieve such a feat. Earning the highest ranked belt in only 1 year and a half of practice is no easy task, which is why THF is extremely proud of Wael who has worked very hard since the very first day he started training.

During his free-time, Wael has even begun to teach taekwondo to other children living in the camp. In continuing his taekwondo training, Wael has the potential to unlock several opportunities in taekwondo, maybe even one day become a taekwondo instructor himself.


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